Knights of Malta Maltese Cross Masonic Gauntlets in Real Leather

Knights Templar Masonic Gauntlets in Real Leather


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Knights Templar  Masonic Gauntlets in Real Leather

 Made from Quality Kid Leather with upright cuffs
These Gloves are available in 4 different sizes.
We can make Freemason Gloves 4 masons to your Specification with specialized Embroidered or Printed Symbol minimum order 3 dozen in mixed sizes,
please ask.
We also make Reeanactor Gloves.
If there is any specfic type or design of gloves you want, please do not hesitate to ask us.
Retail trade enquiries for Masonic or any other Leather Gloves are welcomed.
Please contact us [email protected]


Trade enquiery, multiple purchase discount or if you have any specific requirements as below

Own Symbol on our Cotton or Kid Leather Gloves


Grand, Provincial - dress, undress or working aprons although we make variety but have not listed them here

Own size of Apron carry case in Soft Cordura versions

Hand embroidered or Machine embroidered Badges

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